Abstinence Only Sex Education

An Abstinence Only Sex Education teaches that abstinence is the only accepted version of sex education and argues abstinence is normal behavior – creating stigma for those who are not abstinent.

To those who advocate for this kind of approach, abstinence is seen as a solution to all of the problems that come with engaging in sexual behavior. STDs, STIs, Pregnancy, Trauma, and so much more is avoided by staying abstinent, but this is ignorant.

To only teach abstinence as a solution to all the problems people in society face when it comes to sex, sexuality, and everything around it ignores the reality that the negatives surrounding sex are pervasive and need to be educated on.

At Acquaint Education, we wish to teach that Abstinence Only Sex Education is effective on some level – but it is a perpetrator in our world that is very misguided around intimacy. In our mission statement, we posit Acquainted as a resource people can use to the extent they wish. In our eyes, this is an Abstinence Only Sex Education. We will never yuck your yum, but we will say there is so much to learn about.