Acquainted Mission Statement

Historically, sexual wellness companies have tried to get people to reflect their values and desires surrounding sex, sexuality, intimacy, relationships, and so much more that is fundamental to our identities. At Acquainted, we hope to give you the discourse and understanding of everything your mind can think of when it comes to a comprehensive sex education at your own pace, without stigma, and limited by your curiosity.

In the past, companies that have tried to facilitate a community capable of talking about sex placed bodies and minds in uncomfortable and dangerous situations – literally and metaphorically. As society deals with the problems from sex industries of the past, present, and future, our world does not generally foster the correct discourse to begin to go about understanding sex in positive ways.

To become acquainted with something is to become familiar with it. At Acquainted Education, we believe that sex education is a birthright and the world deserves the space to become familiar with it whether that is never coming to our site, spending every second on it like we have, or somewhere in between. We hope to be unbiased about it, but acknowledge it is a learning process and wish to express that we are doing the work so that you can effortlessly do it too. Never hesitate to hold us accountable so that we can do the same to our users. Lead with kindness and respect for others as we are all on our own journey with sex education.

With this, we can continue to slowly foster a world structured around consent and capable of creating discourse on sex.

Ethan H. Freedman (he/him/they/them)

President of Acquainted

Colgate University ‘24