Anal Toys

Definition of sorts: Anal toys are toys for sexual pleasure that are inserted or used at or around the anus to cause stimulation. They can vibrate or simply sit comfortably inside.

When it comes to anal toys, the sensation commonly felt by people is that they are satisfyingly full inside. It can feel really nice to have this feeling while simultaneously stimulating other parts of the body. Toys often have flares at the end as the anus has a tendency to metaphorically try and suck up things that are inserted into it. It is very important to never insert something that is not meant to go into one’s anus because of this.

For penis owners, the prostate is located inside of the anus about two inches up and forward, behind the perineum. Anal toys when inserted into penis owners often stimulate the prostate which provides an incredible sensation for them.

Just like everything else, and especially for anal play, anal toys are not for everyone. There are many things that people find anal toys to not be for them whether they have tried it or not. It can cause pain or simply not feel good so people must communicate about what are their likes and dislikes surrounding anal toys.