Get Acquainted: Edging is building up pleasure in all different ways whether sexual or not and trying to hold on to the highest feeling before any climax in the situation.

When it comes to intimacy and sex, edging is correlated with an orgasm, and more specifically, the act of enjoying the brink of the orgasm. The pleasure in all this lies within the tease that people enjoy, however, it is also physically incredibly pleasurable like any kind of sexual intimacy can be. Often times, edging is enjoyed by partners who like to make the others feel good and it can be incredibly intimate as it requires communication and understanding of your partners body and relationship to intimacy so that you can add to the tease, lower it, or build it up even more.

As with everything we must get acquainted to, edging in relationships to sex and intimacy is not enjoyable for everyone. Oftentimes, people who don’t enjoy it have their own reasons, but some of them revolve around different levels of sensitivity and desired intimacy. Furthermore, not every intimacy session calls for the same kind of script, thus it is important to communicate your desires as it pertains to edging and continue to check in with your partners.