Get Acquainted: complimenting someone is an incredibly kind way of approaching another person as it can make them feel incredibly good.

To give compliments, however, does not always mean commenting positively on someones body, appearance, or some other factor. These compliments can get incredibly nice for some people though so it is important to know your audience, however, the reality is, compliments should be genuine and focused on something that appreciation for it has the potential to feel incredibly good.

Sometimes people have a hard time taking or generating the words to compliment people, while others may really love giving compliments. It is a necessary that we understand complimenting as a two way street.

Moreover, complimenting is incredibly different from catcalling another individual. To catcall someone is a form of verbal harassment, and while catcalling may validate many people, it is better to air on the side of caution when it comes to sexually suggestive comments to people you don’t know and whom are not in the right setting for being flirted with.