Get Acquainted: Flirting is the act of using suggestive or charged language to communicate interest on some level in another person.

As with any type of communication, there are many settings in which one can flirt. While it is not often used like this, flirting could be something between two people wishing to become friends or people wishing to become intimate in some way. It could be as simple as eye contact or body language, but it often takes the form of words and communicating something in general. It could be a joke, a compliment, or anything more or less

When we discuss flirting, as with sex ed and communication in general, not everyone has the same discourse that they use. One’s way of flirting might not be another way of being flirted with which is why it is important to lead with kindness and respect when we flirt – unless its been established as otherwise already as that very much exists too. Moreover, just like there are many settings in which one can flirt, there are many in which one cannot. It is important to recognize the situation and when it is appropriate to flirt as well as the appropriate extent.

This is because aggressive flirting can make many feel very uncomfortable, and aggressive takes form of words, body language, and overall intention. It is important to understand how one likes to be flirted with as well as how you like to be flirted with and communicate that with your partners.