Eye Contact

Get Acquainted: Eye contact is one of our basic human interactions and it has many relationships to intimacy, sex, sexuality, and so much more as it entails a certain kind of intimacy to lock eyes with another person. However, this does not make it easy for everyone to do.

When it comes to sex and intimacy specifically, eye contact plays a massive role in building a connection and trust with your partner as eyes tend to tell us something nonverbal. Eye contact can make us feel really good and warm, it could speak lust and love, it could speak the desire to give or to take in all the right ways.

Considering eye contact is something that communicates many kinds of things for us, the reality is that some people don’t like to communicate in that way. When we consider making eye contact with someone it can hurt that people are not interested in that kind of communication however, when it comes to intimacy, sex, and everything that revolves around it makes complete sense that people want different levels of it all.

When it comes to eye contact with intimate partners, it is important to consider communicating discomfort or comfort with eye contact so that expectations are understood and nobody is left out or hurt by lack of or too much eye contact.

In reiterating the power of eye contact, we must remember the role it plays in our world and general communication. It helps others know we are paying attention, interested, and communicating with them overall.

When people don’t make eye contact with others, it can feel icky and or bothersome as well as many other feelings. It is important to trust these feelings as eye contact can be something that also raises our guard. When our guard is raised, there is no shame in trusting it.

In the end of it all, eye contact is something that communicates many different things between people whether good, bad, or sexy. This section is not to convince someone that they must make more or less eye contact, but more so to understand the power of eye contact.