Get Acquainted: Cuckolding is the act of having intimacy in front of another person at the consent of all parties involved.

Cuckolding is often something desired by people who get off enjoying their partners having sex with other people as well as for people who enjoy being watched having sex. It often has a you can look but you can’t touch energy to it as people are interested in many things ranging from the pleasure it brings them to the shame they could feel in the act.

With regards to shame, it is important for people to understand that it is perfectly normal to desire humiliation and or shame and cuckolding is often a method to bring it because of the act of watching partners have sex or receive pleasure from other people. As a response to this, Acquainted believes that the right way to approach cuckolding comes with understanding that people can desire a range of things from cuckolding and humiliation and shame is something that must also be communicated about so that nobody is left hurt or feeling uncomfortable.

At the end of the day quite literally, not everyone likes to be watched or watch their partner with other people so it must be