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Definition of sorts: Gags are used to restrain the jaw, mouth, lips, throat, or all of them in some sort combination

Affective piece supporting or talking positively.

When it comes to gags, there are many people that associate it with BDSM and dom/sub powder dynamics because of the restraint aspect. Depending on the gag being used, someone’s mouth could be kept from being used or propped open in a manner that is enjoyable for the person being gagged. It is often a position that someone who enjoys being submissive would find themselves in when consensual and can even be bitten into as a way of dealing with pain in a pleasurable way.

While people enjoy being gagged, it very much exists that the device and act makes people uncomfortable. While discomfort is part of some peoples pleasure, one’s jaw could start to hurt or find it hard to breathe, or not enjoy being able to use their voice. Communication and breathing are incredibly important for people to feel safe in intimate settings and sometimes gags can keep this from happening.