Get Acquainted: Feet are a body part linked to ability, dance, art, and of course pleasure as people often find pleasure the feeling feet can bring as well as the difference.

When it comes to intimacy, feet play can encompass a massage, fetishization, painted nails, or even using one’s feet to pleasure another person. Someone might enjoy the smell in the same way they enjoy their partners’ musk while some might go further and enjoy other aspects as well. In general, there is an incredibly large community that enjoys feet play.

As for every person who enjoys a sexual act, it is important to assume that there are many who don’t for completely opposite reasons as well as a s[spectrum of reasons. Feet can be dirty, stinky, and unenjoyable to see or be around for some people as it does not derive the same pleasure for everyone.

understanding how we can actually leave room for people to like it and not hate on them for doing so is incredibly important to reiterate with an understanding of consent. No one has to commit to a sexual act they don’t want to do and it is important for sexual desires to line up sometimes. Feet play might be something that someone does not desire and someone who does desire must respect that decision.

For those who don’t enjoy it, understanding that the organization of the brain has something to do with pleasure derived from feet play might help further understand why others like it. In our pleasure center as well as our brains communication center, the genitals are located next to the feet which means when either of these areas are aroused, they could arouse similar regions of the brain. therefore, the understanding that pleasure can derive from feet play must not be judged, but acknowledged as something that is not for everyone.