Talking Dirty

Get Acquainted: Talking dirty is abstract discourse used to describe the act of flirting during intimacy in descriptives that create a vivid picture or add to the moment.

What talking dirty looks like for one person might be different for another because, at one level, we are all different people with different on and off buttons. On another level, we are people with, quite literally, different words in our personal lexicon for sex and what is sexy. People might love to talk aggressively or passively, romantically or passionately, humiliatingly or shamefully, and there just might be someone who loves to generate the same sexual discourse.

However, at the end of the day, not everyone likes to talk dirty in the same way and create fun sexual discourse in the same way. This is why we must communicate with partners about what it is within the concept of talking dirty we like and dislike. We often find that people are on the same page.