Food Play

Get Acquainted: Food play is about connecting to that inner desire to play with our food, throw a pie in our sibling’s face, or turn strawberries and whipped cream into something more.

When it comes to intimacy specifically, food play involves combining the sense of taste and touch and smell with all other levels of sexual pleasure. This could involve placing food on a partners body and eating it off a partner while teasing them in other ways, or it could be the slow burn of intimately eating with another. Food play encompasses a wide variety of desires that people have so we must communicate what it is we yearn for when it comes to playing with our food.

In general, food and hygiene must go hand in hand in intimate moments. It is important for bodies to be clean as well as food. However, food play can be even more fun the dirtier one is, but like everything else in intimacy and sex, we must consent.

Often, people don’t like food play for hygienic reasons as well as the idea that food is not something they wish to bring in to their sexually intimate moments. In this sense, quite literally, it is important that we don’t yuck other people’s yum, listen to their desires, and communicate ours when it comes to food play.