Undergraduate Essays

The following pages are essays and other pieces produced by members of Acquainted on their journey to getting familiar with themes surrounding gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and other intersectional axis of power that act on our bodies and minds and effect the extent that one can receive a comprehensive sex education. In writing about these topics, arguments were based on desire to write and illuminate critical ways of thinking – not to raise an opinion.

Pieces by Ethan Freedman

Independent Study: Sex Education Methodologies and Pornography: Accountability of Adult Entertainment Companies as Sources for Sex Education

Scientific In-Queery: Taught by Prof. Lindsay Toman

Crenshaw Reflection PaperQueer Sound: A Natural Phenomenon

Feminist Disability Studies: Taught by Prof. Laura Jaffee

Addiction Empathy: A Visceral Approach to Understanding Disability Classification

Corridors of Black Girlhood: Taught by Dr. Dominique C. Hill

The Black Girl Voice:Text Analysis A: Education of a StorytellerText Analysis A and B: “A Black Feminist Statement”

Feminist Methodologies: Taught by Dr. Taryn Jordan

The First Women at Colgate University:Pornography as a Source of Education:Annotations on Feminist Texts

SIT: Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality

New York Times: Essay on Hetero and letter to father