Get Acquainted: Fingering is a bit of a colloquial term for pleasuring a vulva owner using a hand, toy, or other device.

As it is a sexual act at its foundation, fingering is incredibly enjoyable for people who like to give and make others feeling good, but especially fun for those who are receiving. For those who are receiving, fingering is not something you can jump in to as it is foreplay for many people. No matter the body part, arousal takes time. Fingering can take place during a session of heavy petting over the pants or can even be within it. When fingering is fully involving the vulva and vagina, it is important to go even slower than one is imagining.

Not only will your partner love the slow burn of it all, but providing pleasure to the whole vulva before going to the clitorous or vagina helps make things feel even better and for many people can be the difference between climaxing or not during penetration. Once warm, paying attention to the clitorous or vagina with your hands can provide a lot of pleasure for the person receiving and can be an incredibly fun and intimate thing for all people if desired.

When talking about body parts and sexual contact between them, it is important to understand how hygiene plays a role – especially in fingering. Long nails are simply put, a no. Make sure to have your nails trimmed and cleaned as bacteria, despite the vaginas natural ability to regulate pH levels, is much better off without that bacteria. Moreover, wash your hands for the very same reason.

In general, everyone requires and desires different things when it comes to fingering, one might like it rough while another likes rhythm and tease. One might like it all too. People must talk about their desires and boundaries surrounding fingering.

For those who don’t like it, understanding why might require personal reasons to be shared. With this in mind, we must leave room for the fact that, like with every sexual act, one might like it or dislike it for very different reasons so communication in general about likes and dislikes pertaining to fingering is incredibly important.