Definition of sorts: Bondage as it pertains to getting Acquainted is entirely about consensual ways of seeking pleasure through the act of tying or being tied up or restrained in some way shape or form as to generate some kind of power dynamic and pleasure for everyone involved.

To restrain someone in some way can be incredibly exhilarating as the power dynamic that is created when someone cannot use their hands, legs, or something else and is in a sexual situation with someone they feel comfortable being vulnerable. They could be attracted to the sensation of surrendering or letting their partner pleasure themselves with them however they like. They may on the other hand enjoy being in control and having someone with whom they can safely experience what it is like to have full control. Both of these are incredibly common and not absurd to desire. Moreover, bondage can incorporate other desensitization aspects like a blindfold, gag, or something else.

As per usual, there are always more than a handful of folks who find themselves uninterested in bondage for various reasons. They could also have a range of interests when it comes to bondage which is why it is incredibly important to talk to partners about the range of bondage they desire. People who dislike it don’t enjoy the act or fear that they are causing pain to their partner. Moreover, they could not enjoy being used or restrained. In general, those who don’t like it have their own reasons so it is important to discuss likes and dislikes with partners.